Last Tree
Takumi Seino - electric & acoustic guitars
Hugues Vincent - cello



Here's a new release of Seino on his own Voice of Silence label. This time around it is a work of duo improvisations with French cello player Hugues Vincent. Vincent studied classical cello in Montreuil. To be followed by masterclasses with Didier Levallet, Joëlle Léandre, Ernst Reijseger, Barre Philips, a.o., illustrating that Vincent choose the path of improvisation, instead of performing the classical repertoire. We catch Seino and Vincent a in live recording dating from October 17th, 2014 at the Big Apple, Kobe. The improvisations are divided in three groups, named ‘Exposed Dialogue’, ‘Last Tree’ and ‘Enclosed Dialogue’, ranging from 5 to 9 improvisations. Seino plays electric and acoustic guitars. Vincent just cello. Except for one, all other improvisations stay within five minutes. No more time was needed by them to work out ideas in pointed miniatures. In some tracks a jazzy atmosphere dominates, others make use of what sounds as traditional Japanese music, or as modern composed chamber music. With success they strived for a wide variety of dialogues, what makes this a rich and entertaining record. (DM)

Vital weekly (Holland)

Exposed Dialogue I-IX; Last Tree I-VI; Enclosed Dialogue I-V.

At the end of 2,015 years he released another album, the brilliant Japanese guitarist and musical innovator - Takumi Seino. After the album "Book Apple" (2014), published on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the Big Apple jazz club, with which the artist has long been associated, Takumi Seino proposed dose of pure improvisation recorded in the same club with French cellist Hugues Vincent. Like previous albums guitarist, so this latest titled "Last Tree" (2015) released on their own label music - Voice Of Silence.
For several years, watching the actions of Takumi Seino and its various projects.Each time there is a remarkable music and escaping any comparisons. Featuring stunning guitar technique despite the extremely wide spectrum of its activities including achievements in various compositions and configurations, as well as excellent solo albums recorded, he has developed a unique personal musical language. As an artist completely independent and disobedient to any restrictions, each time deciding on projects with other artists, puts above all the strength inherent in mutual interaction and understanding art. When his music the way he met the original instrumentalist and improviser which is avant-garde cellist Hugues Vincent, it turned out that both musicians although zdobywanymi have experience in different environments, together they can create a unique platform for artistic. October 16, 2015 year situated on the island of Honshu club Big Apple musicians decided to record music formed through based on mutual agreement improvisations.
Divided into three separate parts of the album "Last Tree" released a year later documented this special match.
You should know that this is not only the implementation of Hugues Vincent realized with the Japanese artist. Once released in 2014 the album "Free Trees" (recorded with violinist Maria Logofet and bassist Vladimir Kudryavtsev), the musician made ??a joint recordings with Yasumune Morishige convention avant-garde search for two cellos. Please read and the music, to see how wide spectrum of consciousness improvisational has this musician.
The first nine fragments of plates together titled "Exposed Dialogue" exposes acoustic sound built by innovative motifs cello Vincent, along with acoustic guitar Takumi Seino.
The second cycle: "Last Tree " this, in turn, a musical journey exploring the possibilities of electronics and feedback connected to the amplifier cello, often sounding like an electric guitar. Such wording cello combined with the sounds of a real electric guitar Takumi Seino opens instrumentalists different sound space, revealing new opportunities for joint improvisation.
Takumi Seino during the "last tree II" perfectly weaves the music of Asian melodic motifs, contrasting with the "dirty" parties Vincent.
on the other hand, through the use of sophisticated sensors during the "last tree IV"the guitar sound like a piano. 
the real consolation is the "last tree V" bringing impressionistic motives purely sounding electric guitar with the background of the created by stylish pizzicato Vincent, in this case treats the cello like a bass.
the last , the shortest part of the disc (12 minutes), it recorded additional, forming a sort of postscript to the whole album. "Enclosed Dialogue" fills the five fragments which kind of music sketches.
Thinking about the next after "Last Tree" album which will record Takumi Seino, I am convinced that in the slightest will not resemble any of his previous records, and at the same time bring together the music proper to him alone. How good it is that they are artists in the world, offering the recipient the opportunity to broaden the scope of their own musical consciousness.
The album was released December 19, 2015

Robert Ratajczak

LongPlay (Poland)